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Can you sort email in Gmail, for instance sort inbox alphabetically by sender?

Gmail is a search tool while Outlook is a mail sorter. Gmail does not have a sort function.  Instead of sorting your inbox by sender you can do a search for a specific sender. Here is a link to several others criteria you can use to search your email instead of sorting: 

How do I use Mail Merge to send an email?

Many times you want to send an email to several people having it personalized for each recipient. Using a Draft template in Gmail and a Google Docs Spreadsheet this can be done. Here is a LINK with instructions on how to do this. Look for Mail Merge training sessions in the future.

You have been migrated to Gmail! What now?

Now that you are using Gmail here are some helpful resources that will help you get started maximizing the features and tools in Google Apps for Ediucation Mail (Gmail).

Missing Folder? Gmail Labels

Where are the rules? Gmail Filters

How do I find things? Gmail Search

How do I access PLNU Gmail on my mobile device?




Is there training? Training Classes

How can others see my Calendar? Sharing Calendars

How do I view email chronologically? Gmail Conversation Mode

Where is my signature? Gmail Signatures

I hear Tasks will not be migrated to Gmail. I have several items in Task and To-Do list in Outlook. How do I bring them into Gmail?

There is a way to save all of your Tasks found in your Tasks and To-Do list within Outlook. Here is a Link to a How-To on saving these tasks to an Excel spread sheet so that you can move them into Gmail after the migration:

Can I still email my class through the class list found in the global address list?

Unfortunately No, class e-mails list will not be populated in gmail. If you need to send an e-mail to an updated list of your enrolled students, you can use Eclass. Click this Link for instructions on how to use Eclass to send e-mail.