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The Department of Kinesiology assesses its Program Learning Outcomes throughout the student's academic experience in the major.  This assessment information provides valuable feedback to the faculty and serves as the basis for curricular improvements.  The assessment activities are scheduled in each of the courses in the major as signature assignments, standardized tests, oral presentations, and demonstration of skills, reflective essays or other activities deemed by the faculty as appropriate measures of the student's knowledge or skills acquisition.  

The Assessment documents (PDF links) below contain curriculum maps that demonstrate how the faculty aligns institutional, department and program learning outcomes to the specific curriculum of each academic program offered in the department.  The diagrams specify where students encounter opportunities in the curriculum to gain knowledge and skills pertinent to the designated outcomes (i.e. where opportunities are  I= Introduced, D=Developed, and M=Mastered). 

Use of the Evidence of Student Learning Department Mission Student Learning Outcomes Curriculum Maps Assessment Plan Evidence of Student Learning Points of Distinction